Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hideki Matsui's Entrance Music

When I attended the Twins-Yankees game last week I noticed something that struck me as quite interesting. As most of you probably know, each player on the Yankees strides to home plate to his own entrance music, presumably chosen by the player himself. Derek Jeter enters to some rap music, Gary Sheffield to some hardcore rap music, Bubba Crosby to Weezer, and Hideki Matsui to Led Zeppelin? Maybe I have an unfair bias, but I could never imagine Matsui actually requesting "Immigrant Song." (Although this story begs to differ.) The way I imagine it is that his agent told the Yankees to play classic rock before his at-bats so that he would fit in better in America. I mean he spends most of his time at underground Japanese strip clubs, so he's got to do something else to stay in touch with the fans.


  1. I hear Piazza's home plate music is josh grobin.

  2. hideki irabu requests "what if god was one of us."