Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First things first

The people (person?) have been clamoring for it, so here is a brief recap of my personal gaming history.

These are all the systems that I have owned in order:

1. NES
2. Game Boy
3. Genesis
4. Super Nintendo
5. Nintendo 64
6. Playstation
7. Xbox
8. Game Boy Advance

I have greatly enjoyed playing all of them, and I still do play a number of them. Although I have to admit that I have an extra special place in my heart for NES and I feel that I got the least out of Playstation.

A quick analysis of my time with each system:

1. NES: Just the most fun to play. Two buttons are more than enough for hundreds of games. I will be writing about this later in more depth.
2. Game Boy: A brilliant innovation. I could now play Tetris in the car while driving to my grandparents' house, instead of having to talk to my family. The system was a little heavy, but still plenty portable.
3. Genesis: Genesis does, what Nintendo doesn't! Most of you probably remember that slogan, and it was true, particularly regarding sports games (Sonic was a pretty good series as well). I lived for the Sega sports games, especially NHL '94, the Madden series, Bulls vs. Lakers, and College Football's National Championship (a game in which if you got one step on a defender, you had a touchdown, meaning that 100-0 at the half was not uncommon).
4. Super Nintendo: Perfect in tandem with Genesis. Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II, Ken Griffey Baseball...the list goes on. Still a great system.
5. Nintendo 64: Revolutionary. Goldeneye is probably the definitive game for people my age. And even the first game for the system, Mario 64, was brilliant from the get go. Also, Mario Kart 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Donkey Kong 64 deserve special mention. Changed the controller set up, the joystick was an incredible addition and paved the way for the far superior Xbox controller.
6. Playstation: Good for sports games, oddly enough I played a ton of Mario Andretti Racing on this system. Did not like the controller however, especially after the joysticks in the middle were added (part of the reason I never got PS2). Also, this was my first experience with CD games, rather than cartridges, and I preferred cartridges (although this is irrelevant now).
7. Xbox: The physical system might be a little large, but it is worth it. The (small) controller is perfectly set up, and after playing a lot of Halo (and Halo 2), it was weird to play Goldeneye and see how little control I had. Also, the Xbox Live situation is pretty astounding, particularly for Halo 2. I have greatly enjoyed playing FIFA Soccer, the Madden and NCAA football games, and the Lord of the Rings on this system.
8. Game Boy Advance: I call this NES in your pocket, because I bought all the Classic NES games. Perfect re-creations of my favorite games, I just wish that there were more of them. Also great battery life and compact size make this a must for any gamer.


  1. connie l. chen8/16/05, 11:40 PM

    You did not have a playstation. your friend did and you played it a lot. Perjury!

  2. hmmm, say what you will, but if you'd like to, you can come over and view the playstation in my room...

  3. pwang@mgberger.com8/17/05, 1:56 AM

    Connie's right. tell your dad to bring it to the office tomorrow. if it ain't there, you're lying.

  4. the guy who references mgb's office8/17/05, 12:11 PM

    rich, dude, I'm waiting for you to comment back just once and be like "whoa, easy there, are you stalking my dad's office?" or "weird, guess what everyone, this is crazy, these are all names of peple who work at my dad's office" or "if you knew wang, you know he'd never say that." But no, nothing. Just silence. Fine, I'll give up. I'll never try to write about your dad's law office again. You win. Fuck.