Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Scoop on J.J. Redick

For those of you who follow college basketball, you probably hate J.J. Redick, unless you are a Duke fan of course. But no matter what, you probably couldn't help but notice how much better Redick was on the court last season for the Dukies. Now, some people might have attributed this improvement to better off-court conditioning and maybe a little time spent working on something other than his otherworldly jump shooting abilities. Well, you would be wrong. According to my inside sources, what really made the difference was that Redick quit smoking pot. Apparently he used to be a big-time pot head, but he got in trouble for it so he took last year off. Now I don't know if this same change would make a difference in blogging, but imagine how good Actual God and Hidden Hand could be...

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