Monday, August 22, 2005


As I was heading up the 18th fairway on Friday, finishing off a nice round of golf at my friend's posh country club, I was trying to find my mediocre drive when my friend informed me to turn around because I had already driven past the ball. Of course I immediately popped a U-turn, but what I did not see was a small cliff about 4 feet tall. Next thing I know, the golf cart is on the verge of tipping over...I panic, try to hold it up, realize resistance is futile, and let the thing down with a huge crash. Quite an embarrassing moment for yours truly. But the worst was yet to come.

A caddy from the group behind us noticed my unfortunate accident and came over to assess the damage. After deciding that we could probably flip the cart back over with just a few young men, another cart drove up the fairway. And who was driving said cart but the reigning club champion himself. We quickly put the cart back on its four wheels and the champ asked me where my ball was. I showed him the location of my Top Flite 2 and he told me he was going to help me out a little more. He took out one of my clubs, stood over the ball and hit a shot to within 3 feet of the pin. And then he was on his way, laughing with his friends about the whole incident. Meanwhile, I was so rattled that it took me 4 more shots and a new ball just to reach the green.

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