Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A note on my readership

I have noticed that the more I post, the more people read my blog. Thus I will try to continue posting as many times as I can. I have also noticed that many people end up reading my blog by presumably stumbling upon it using the "Next Blog" feature, which is perfectly reasonable and expected. What is bizarre, however, is that these people tend to arrive in clusters. Is this a feature of Blogger? Do they have all the blogs on a next blog cycle (so that each blog is the "Next Blog" on a lot of different sites every 43 hours or something...)? Does anyone have the answers?


  1. Ask and you shall receive. I too have noticed this "clustering" phenomenon. Blogger apparently refers more "next blog" clickers to you the more you post. My highest readership ever was generated on a day when I posted something like 17-45 times (sometime in June no doubt) when I was able to trigger a cluster of vistors not once but three separate times... So, I guess the shorter answer to you querie would have been, yes, this is a feature of blogger.

  2. thank you, oh wise one.