Monday, August 15, 2005

A quick shout out to my pops

More content forthcoming. It was a busy week in the Berger household, me hanging out with Jen and Tom (and Dan), and my father having a major case on the front pages of the New York Post and New York Daily News for 3 or 4 days each. For those not following the case, it involves an alleged affair between Monsignor Eugene Clark, former rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and his assistant Laura DeFilippo. My father is representing Ms. DeFilippo, and he actually turned down the chance to be on Oprah! For more information, you can search the archives of these papers, or just check out google. For more insider information, you can call me.


  1. Carlton Fisk8/15/05, 8:56 PM

    fascinating...clark sounds like a real cunt. There's something undeniably sexual about Defilippo. Check ou that picture of her going into the motel with him. Hope your dad wins this one. Looks like a tough case.

  2. Philip H. Wang8/16/05, 1:02 AM

    Defilippo is fucking smoking. You should see some of the video footage your pops and I have been sifting through.