Thursday, July 07, 2005

Anarchy? More like senseless violence...

A quick note on some of the G8 Summit protestors:

Many people have gone to Scotland inspired by Live8 or any other reason to try to peacefully influence a change in the policies of the most powerful nations in the world. Unfortunately, other people have gone to Scotland simply to wreak havoc on small towns near the Gleneagles hotel and the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. After seeing some of the footage of the attacks by these anarchists, I was absolutely shocked and appalled by their actions. The most amazing thing was that their violence was directed not at world leaders, but at the cars, homes, and Burger Kings (McDonald's was secretly thrilled...) of Scottish people who just happened to be living in the wrong place at the wrong time. This degree of aggression is disgusting and I feel terrible for the Scottish people whose communities are being attacked. The authorities should make a strong example of these anarchists in order to show future would-be "protestors" how not to behave. (Maybe put them in a "Battle Royale" situation?)

For more information: See this article or this one

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  1. Nobody complicit in a system that allows world famine, poverty, AIDS, malaria, and fatal diarrhea can claim to be innocent. The Scottish citizens have not suffered 1/100th as much as those they help oppress.