Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fun with the Jumbotron

So last night, while I was out at Shea Stadium watching the Mets take care of the Padres 7-3, I was struck by something I noticed in between innings on the Jumbotron (known as Diamond Vision at Shea). Now we all know that the man (or most likely teenage boy) who operates the Jumbotron likes to have a little fun now and then. This is most obvious in one of my favorite Jumbotron activities: the Kiss Cam. Here, the Jumbotron trains its cameras on unsuspecting couples at the game and puts pressure on them to kiss. This method is usually successful a few times, before the man in charge goes for the punchline to his devilishly brilliant joke...he puts the camera on two coaches in the dugout! This guarantees guffaws throughout the stadium and another victory for Mr. Jumbotron.

What I saw last night was that the operator of the Mets' Diamond Vision screen knows exactly what he likes to see on his screen at all times: an attractive woman. Now I have no problem with this policy of course, but I can imagine that it might have been a little awkward for the woman who appeared on the screen no fewer than four times during last night's game. It was as if Mr. Jumbotron was stalking this woman in front of 30,000 people. The first time she probably liked it, the second time she might have been surprised, the third time a little creeped out, and finally she decided that she is never going to another Mets game again...unless she can be on the Kiss Cam instead.


  1. how old is your diamond vision? We got the first one in the world in 1980. In its current state, it's not nearly high def enough. What's the deal with Shea's scoreboard? I think it's a travesty there haven't been more advancements in scoreboard technology.

  2. well, the mets fixed up their scoreboard and diamond vision this past off-season, so things are better than they were (and probably better now than at dodger stadium)