Sunday, July 03, 2005

Best or worst sport I've seen in awhile?

I'm talking about Gaelic football.

I wish I knew the rules, but from what I could figure out just from watching, it is a combination of rugby, basketball, football, american football, team handball, and gaelic football. It also appears to be the most tiring game in the history of sports.

Two teams of many men run back and forth on a field that must be at least 150 yards long and 50 yards wide trying to score goals in a soccer-style net or through rugby-style goalposts. Each goal is worth one point, but they are scored in separate tallies, and I have no clue how they are related. The players wear no padding and are only sort of allowed to tackle each other.

I greatly enjoyed watching Limerick (that's LHGCWELKJ in Gaelic) destroy Carlow (CFJKLFKJGHFD in Gaelic) in both soccer goals and rugby goals.


  1. For the uninitated: Gaelic football scoring works like this: 3 points for scoring in the goal; 1 point for scoring in the uprights. There are different names for each kind of score, which I don't remember. Australian rules football is pretty much the same game except the field is ovoid, rules on tackling are looser, and the ball is ovoid too. In Aussie rules, a goal is worth six and a behind is worth 1. The 1-point rouge in Canadian football might be related.

    Also, Limerick in Gaelic is Luimneach. It is a city famous for its stabbings.

  2. first of all, i am glad to see that finnegan is reading marquis...

    second of all, upon further review of gaelic football and hurling and discussion of the games with real irish people, i greatly enjoyed them...

    and yes, finnegan is correct about the scoring system for gaelic football