Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rejoice Thirsty Masses (an old Actual Rod chestnut)

When Dan and I arrived in Barcelona, we noticed something strange...every sign/menu/description of painting was in both Catalan and Spanish. For those of you who don't know, Catalan is the language spoken in Catalonia, a semi-autonomous region of Spain of which Barcelona is the capital (I believe). It is similar to Spanish, but with more X's. People actually speak this language in their daily lives.

Upon our arrival in Ireland, we noticed that every sign/menu/description of painting was in both Gaelic and English. Now Gaelic is the ancestral language of the Irish, but unlike Catalan, I have not heard a single person actually speak the language. I suspect that the entire language is some kind of fraud perpetuated to give Ireland more of a foreign feel.

Given this information, I think one thing is clear. Every sign/menu/description of painting should be written in English only.

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  1. I believe that "Rejoice Thirsty Masses" has been the title of more blog posts than any other phrase, including "My Groin Burns Like So Much Volleyball".