Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where do my readers come from?

Apparently, they come from all over the world (but mostly from Delino and Death/Media)...

What caught my eye in particular was this referring URL.

This URL comes from www.google.ch. Now for those who do not know, Google is a major worldwide internet search engine and the internet suffix .ch refers to pages that come from Switzerland. So, apparently, from what I can gather, a native French speaker from Switzerland decided that he or she would like to search the internet for the words "burrito" and "catalan." Obviously Marquis was the 99th closest match, so said internet surfer decided to click on the link and take a peek at the work that I am doing over here. The real question is: will he or she come back?

I would say it might be more likely if the page looked like this.

1 comment:

  1. I was reading one of Tom's posts, and was therefore on the verge of vomiting in my mouth, when I fortuitously clicked over to Marquis and this post popped up. Now instead of throwing up, I'm getting a handjob! Thanks Rich.