Monday, July 18, 2005

Rednecks and Hockey Players Beware...

...Spanish men have made the mullet their national hairstyle, and it is now sported by many women as well! This trend was truly astonishing to me during my time in Madrid and Barcelona. But what was even more incredible was that Spanish men still manage to get beautiful non-mulleted Spanish women all the time! (I could understand the mullet-mullet relationships...)

Now I noticed that Spanish men are much more aggressive with women than the average always-uncomfortable-talking-to-girls male student at Yale, but I would think that the women could resist these overtures if they took one look at their paramours' haircuts. The Spanish men have great success, however, so maybe this fact teaches the lesson that getting girls is not about your haircut, but about how much you pester them.


  1. scrambly poo7/18/05, 2:56 PM

    arlk roev si a heug naf fo rihc erbgre.

  2. hmmm, is it good or bad that "karl rove is a huge fan of rich berger"...

    well, if he can make me president of anything that would be enough for me, so i say, "welcome aboard karl."