Monday, July 18, 2005

More content... forthcoming.

It's been a busy week over in the real world, so blogging has been tough. First there was the trip to Atlantic City, which will be discussed in detail over at Delino, but I will mention it here as well in a subsequent post. Then there was the typical squash at the Yale Club, followed by a Friday with no internet at home (hence no blogging...)

Saturday was Glengarry Glen Ross on the Great White Way. It was fantastic by the way, and I highly recommend it to everyone in or near New York (if not, you should definitely see the movie). Liev Schreiber (Yale Drama grad) was particularly good as Ricky Roma. After that, I spent some time with the Delino crew and you will see the fruits of our labor soon enough...

Today, friends from school visited, so I was otherwise occupied...I clearly owe more content to you all, my faithful readers, so expect some more soon.

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