Friday, July 22, 2005

Me! Me! Me!

I admit it. I have enjoyed Terrell Owens' various antics on and off the field over the last few years. I especially liked the Sharpie incident and think he's a funny guy. That said, I think that the way he is currently complaining about his contract is disgusting. He has 6 years left on a 7 year, nearly $49 million contract that he signed last year (!) and he is one of the highest paid wide receivers in the entire NFL. Yet he appears to have little interest in honoring the terms of his contract and is trying to push for a trade because he wants "to do what's best for my family." Well I would imagine that it's best for his family to stay in Philadelphia, where they presumably settled last year, and continue to make $7 million a year (a paltry amount of money that they might be able to eek out a decent life on) instead of moving to a whole new city for who knows how long or short a time.

But the worst thing to me about this whole issue is that there is a decent chance that Owens will get exactly what he wants. He is that important to the Eagles' Super Bowl chances, and we all know that the chance to win the Super Bowl trumps everything, even an athlete's totally uncalled for greed. I'm impressed so far, however, that the Eagles have said that they will not change Owens' contract, but I just don't know what will happen if Owens continues to hold out. Will the team get fed up and trade him? Or will they just let him sit and play for no one. I for one wouldn't mind seeing this, as it might set an example for future hold outs who refuse to honor their contracts. But this scenario has almost no chance of playing out.

I hope that Owens will finally agree to play for the Eagles (although it will suck for me as a Giants fan) because he has no other option, but at this point anything could happen. However, no matter what happens, he has become yet another poster boy for the me-first, second, and third generation of athletes.


  1. Terry Pendleton's Urologist.7/22/05, 4:11 PM

    the recent sports content has been first rate...i think the eagles would be wise to trade him. He's miasma off the field. Which brings up something I'd love you to talk about: big time NFL trades, or rather the reason why they simply don't exist. I mean, I know the salary cap is a hurdle for major moves, but still, come on, I feel like the management culture is just anti-trade. Why aren't there big name swaps every year like in every other major sport?

  2. The Real Todd7/22/05, 7:36 PM

    Has anyone ever suggested that the Owenses and the Sprewells dine together, since both men are just trying to feed their families?

  3. heh...that was what i neglected to mention...the owens/sprewell connection. i was going to do so, then simply forgot. good point.

  4. i guess i could formulate and discuss my theories about the lack of big-time NFL trades in a post soon...