Monday, July 11, 2005

Eat your heart out Stephen Hawking

Rick Hoyt once ran a marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes...well ran might be the wrong word...he pumped his fist while his father, Dick Hoyt, pushed him the entire way in an aerodynamic wheelchair. Check out the Hoyts in action:

This picture reminded me of the time that Dan and I entered the wheelbarrow race on field day in 6th grade. Except that both of us can walk and talk.

(Editor's Note: I hope that Dick Hoyt doesn't read Marquis, because he could probably kick my ass. But I do hope that Marquis Grissom does read Marquis.)


  1. Howard Johnson (the met, not the hotel)7/12/05, 1:15 AM

    Great post. Though it's much more likely that Hoyt reads this blog than Grissom. Hoyt is a wheelchair-bound cripple who has nothing better to do than endlessly search for websites that aren't about random former L.A. Dodger busts. Marquis, meanwhile, is an illiterate professional athlete with the countenance of a crack addict. Not your target demographic.

  2. I know for a FACT that Pedro Feliz reads Marquis daily. Jim Eisenreich is also an avid fan.